Monday, April 30, 2012

The Omega Scroll

The Omega Scroll - Adrian d'Hage
A novel set across decades. Lines which converge across religion, brother pitted against brother. Adrian d'Hage's Omega Scroll offers a bold look at religion and the way it is being practiced the world over. d'Hage dares to tread across paths not trod before and tells what every human being on this planet knows inherently, "We are more similar than we are different irrespective of the faiths that we practice"

Be it a Palestinian-Israel conflict or a Christian-Muslim-Jew trifecta, the approach taken is always and without forethough hardline. The belief that there is only 1 true religion and it's being practised by them. The best part of the faith has been lost in the cacophny of personal beliefs being pounded on the masses day in and day out.

"Faith is". Faith co-exists. There is no one true faith, all are equal and equally right and wrong in turns. The ability to learn from our faith and to allow it to evolve with times is what should have made human civilization the pinnacle of achievement and self-assuredness. The message comes across as brilliantly simple, but sometimes the simple things are the ones that are the hardest to practice.

One quote stands out from the novel. Said by Father Giovanni - "The truth will set us free. Let us follow our various paths in peace instead of war. For there is, more than one path to the Omega."

This book makes me believe that we can solve all our problems only if we are willing to listen.

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