Sunday, March 18, 2012


I have been out of touch with my reading for the past month or so. Too many things to do and not much time in the day to do them all and my time reading ended up being the sacrifice to manage the other tasks on my plate; but no more.

This week I'm planning on reading at least a couple of books and I am glad to say that I have made a start with "Atlantis" - David Gibbins. The plot premise looks interesting enough, lets see how the book pans out. Also on my hit list for this week is Andy McDermott's latest books Temple of Gods and the Empire of Gold. Both featuring his characters Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase. Thats my quota of books to read in a week. Lets hope that I am able to make good progress on them.

By the way while trawling the web looking for good sites that host epubs, I came across this very interesting site called The site provides the epubs compatible with iphone/Kindle/Nook for most of the popular authors. If anybody wants to download some good books, this the place to surf and search for it.

Another website which scores high on providing the complete bibliography, burbs and information about the authors is You will find the details of almost all the authors here along with all the books that they have released so far. The only thing that irritates about this site is the background & color schema, it acts as an irritant on the eye.

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