Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Cult of Osiris - Andy McDermott

Read-athon: Book 2
Under the aegis of read-athon a review of my 2nd book read in the year 2011.

I was expecting big things from the author, while the action sequences in the book are good, even if a bit over the top, it seriously lacks the depth the author showed in his first book.

Egypt & mysteries revolving around the Pharaohs have always interested me, while the burb looked interesting the end product was not as good as promised.

This one had all the usual ingredients: female archaeologist needing to restore her reputation [Nina Wilde]; her ex-special services husband with a pechant for bad sex jokes [Eddie Chase]; a disfigured baddie [Sebak Shaban] ,a smooth baddie [Khalid Osir]; hundreds of disposable baddies; the Grinning Sadist baddie henchman [Bobby Diamondback]; secret society or cult [Osirian Temple]; buried treasure [The Tomb]; back stabbing baddies; clues, puzzles, pursuit, blowing things up, a sub-plot involving a bio-threat...etc.

While the concept was good it was not as throughly fleshed out as it could have been. The action was too predictable, the characters too poorly fleshed out, the plot was easily decipherable. While the start was intriguing the end product was way below my estimation.

I'll rate it 2/5

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