Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown

Dan Brown is back with Robert Langdon a new mystery set in Washington D.C

The much anticipated "The Lost Symbol" talks about The Masons. America's founding fathers were all a part of this group, "The Freemasons".

Set in the capital of America Washington D.C, this book tells the tale about the symbolism and mystery surrounding the Ancient Mysteries, preserved and protected by the masons.

Symbologist Robert Langdon gets tricked into coming to Washington D.C under the guise of lecture for his old friend and mentor Peter Solomon. But Langdon arrives at the capital to find that "The Hand of Mysteries" is extended to him to seek out an ancient secret in the grisly form of Peter Solomons severed hand.

Soon CIA deputy Sato shows up, demanding that Langdon hand over everything that he possesses which will unravel this mystery.

Langdon is soon forced to flee with Sato & and Solomon's kidnapper on his heels trying to uncover the mystery while Langdon tries to get Peter alive.

A much anticipated book, this one comes as a bit of let down, as the reader can easily read through the plot and anticipate the next move made by Langdon.
The book starts of well and builds up excitement decent enough, but the writing style for Brown has become somewhat predictable and the reader is able to fathom and guess the twists and turns easily.

The book has some gripping parts in the middle, but not in the same caliber as other Brown's works.

Overall not as good as The Da Vinci Code. Definately nowhere near Angles & Demon and The Digital Fortress standards.

As a Brown fan I'm disappointed.

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