Saturday, January 15, 2011

Skeleton Coast - Clive Cussler

Read-athon: Book 1
Under the aegis of read-athon a review of my first book read in the year 2011.

Skeleton Coast is Cussler's 4th book under The Oregon Files series. The Corporation lead by Juan Cabrillo find themselves this time in Africa this time as arms traders trading arms to the CAR in exchange for blood diamonds. Actually the Corporation are acting as conduits to the CIA/Congolese Government effort to capture Congolese Army of Revolution leader Samuel Makambo.

When the trade goes awry, the Corporation finds itself facing an rebel army equipped with the best of modern day armory. They also find themselves in a quest to a billionaire with a questionable product who has been captured by a fanatic environmentalists. 

As the Corporation races to save the billionaire & get the arms back from the CAR, it comes across a plot to unleash an environmental disaster ironically highlight environmental issues.

The action moves at the break neck pace as is Cussler's wont. He draws compelling insight to the environmental factor while tying, Africa's struggle against tyrannical dictators and the trade in blood diamonds.

A good read coming from a master who really is at the top of his game. 

Interesting fact: The book see all the characters of Clive Cussler in one stage, Juan Cabrillo calls Dirk Pitt, while he meets up with Kurt Austin  & Joe Zavala.

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