Saturday, January 15, 2011

Read-athon - My books filled new year

Well, the new year has started and as always with my tardiness I'm late to put up things on my bookshelf.

My shelfari records show me that I read 13 books the previous year, well being an ambitious person I would like to better that record in the coming year. It's nice to say that I have got a good start to the year, by finishing off two books an in neck deep in my third.

There is nothing like a friendly competition to whet up your fading reading appetite. To that I must thank my new cube-mate and colleague who appears to be a reader of my caliber if not more.

Thank you for bringing back the appetite and fire to discovering new stuff and worlds in the pages of a book. It seemed lost for the past few months.

On shelfari I would like to increase my book shelf to around 450 by the time this year is done. It is currently on 379. Ambitious as most would say but then what's life if not a lot of ambition.

Anybody out there who reads my blog, bearing with my infrequent updates, I would thank you and would like to say that if you folks are on shelfari, then give me a buzz, lets read together and share. You can also express your views here.

New book updates coming up.....

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