Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Lost Story

Rating: 2/5.

Suggestion: Skip it if you have anything better to read.

Read this one courtesy of my sister who had purchased the book. I generally do not read books by Indian Authors. Chetan Bhagat has dented my confidence in Indian Authors so badly that I don't dare buy any books written by them with the exception of Amish Tripathi, Ashok Banker and Ashwin Sanghi.

So the only occasion that I get to read Indian authors is when my sister comes for a visit as she buys Indian authors and digs them as a matter of fact.

The premise for the plot is good, it is a collaboration effort between two authors Gupta & Goyal who write either the first part or the second part of the story. The condition is that they do not discuss the plot lines or the plot progress with each other. The base story is interspersed with short stories. The short stories are well done in patches.

Some stories are good and intriguing enough to read, but there are also stories which give you an headache. The base plot is a combination of both and leaves you with the hangover.

The story crosses over so many times that the entire narration appears to be blotched and ruins the plotline IMO.

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