Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blog Rejig Plans

I plan to realign the blog on the lines drawn above (pun intended). The plan is to expand the blog from the current random hapharzard way of posting to a more organized and methodical way.

The blog will be divided into different sections like:
  1. Author Profile: Here I will be doing a profile of my favourite authors. Why a particular author's books appeals to me more than somebody else? The favourite books from a particular series, the best attributes of the particular author and so on. 
  2. Book Reviews: I will be reviewing the books that are I have read. Currently I plan to review only the books that I have read in this year. I also plan to add the reviews of the books that I have read in the past slowly as time progresses. In case any person reading the blog wants to write about their favourite book they would be welcome to post here. All credits will be given to the author of the specific review.
  3. Reading As Passion:  I plan to tell my journey into reading and how it has shaped my life as a person in this section. I have been reading for quite sometime now and I plan to share my thoughts through this medium. Purely for personal benefit, if this section convinces a skeptic to start reading for fun, then it would have acheived it's goal.
  4. General Updates: Here I will be keeping track of my book challenges, the books being read in a week, the challenge for an year, and so on. I also invite the readers to share their personal goals and committments for the upcoming year and how they are progressing. Maybe we can make a game out of it and make reading more fun all those involved.
All that said and done. This is an ambitious agenda and one that will require a lot of time and effort from my end. To that end I stay committed to work on it as a personal improvement project and also use this medium as an outlet for my thoughts and emotions.

Here's to staying on track and for realization of plans. Amen.


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