Monday, April 30, 2012

New Release

Good News for all Ashok Banker fans out there. Ashok is releasing the first book of his Ithihasa Series - Ten Kings (Dararajna). Refer to the communique below for more details.

Have an action-packed summer!

The Battle That Founded The Bharata Nation!
Based on the Rig-Veda and verified by scholars,
historians and archaeologists, this is the story
of King Sudas and the impossible battle
he was forced to fight against a far superior
force led by Ten Kings (‘Dasarajna’ in Sanskrit)
comprised of his neighbors and allies led by
his friend Anu, instigated by Anu’s guru Vishwamitra,
in a bid to wipe out Sudas and his ‘Shudra’ tribe
and take control of the rich fertile lands they guarded
on behalf of the ‘Bharata’ nation.
The place where they fought later became the
site of the city of Harappa, possibly the first modern
urban center in history, and the nation established
in that region later came to be called…
A rousing battle epic that flags off the Itihasa Series:
A historical fiction series retelling the major landmarks
of Indian history from Vedic times to the present day.

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