Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rare Earth - Michael Asher

Rare EarthRare Earth by Michael Asher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One of the best books that I have read in recent times. Set away from the usual hotspots like America, UK, Afghanistan, Pakistan, UAE or Europe, Rare Earth is an Africa based thriller. Michael Asher waves a spell binding tale of corruption, greed and power games over the rarest of the rare minerals found in a desolate part of Sudan occupied a nomadic tribe known as the Sanghrana.

Rare Earth follows the journey of archeaologist Dan Truman who gets drawn in the power struggle between two mining corporations over the rights to the patch yielding untold riches. Caught between them, Truman feels increasingly out of sync with the world as he currently knows it and finds peace at the very place he is sent to disturb.

Adapting the nomadic lifestyle and their customs Truman finally feels at home only for the outside world to make it appearance in the form of savage genocide waged against his people.

The rest of the plot is about how Truman walks a fine line between both the worlds to save his new home.

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