Sunday, June 24, 2012

Delhi Durbar by Krishna Pratap Singh

An insight on how Indian politics and politicians operate. The nexus between bureaucrats, politicians, fixers and power brokers is exposed for all to see.

The books looks at the festering sore of Indian politics, the largest democracy in the world which has established mass corruption as an honest to God profession.

The saga of Indian politics, the way the fixers can get anything done for a price, be it making the PM's son the President of BCCI or arranging for ex-army Chief current VP of India to take over as President and then trying to instigate a coup.

This is a story of what Indian politics is and what more can it become.

Told from the POV of Jasjit Singh Sindhu an ex-investment banker who has taken up his fathers role as a political fixer after his death, the book captures Jasjit's journey across the murky world of Indian politics and babudom, where currency rules supreme; principles and faith espoused by the people on the country's leaders are second to profiteering.

Verdict: It's worth a read.


  1. I had read this book few months back and had liked it.

    1. I particularly liked how the entire power broking thing was depicted. I had always heard of power brokers, movers behind the scenes.. but this painted a very stark picture of our politics and just whats put for sale by our politicos.

      If this is fiction, then the truth I guess will be nightmarish.....