Saturday, February 7, 2015

Book Review -- Exclusive by Sandra Brown

ExclusiveExclusive by Sandra Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Exclusive by Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown’s novels are typical in their approach, a good drop dead looking hero, a unassuming all around bleeding heart heroine, a villain who will go any lengths to achieve his objective and a plot which follows the formula.

Heroine is down on luck, do gooder who catches a seemingly luck break - Check .

Hero is a tough, macho guy who keeps his silence - Check

A heinous, nefarious crime that has been covered up and needs to be exposed for what it is exposing the villain - Check, check

A twist at the end of the tale Check

While formulaic, where Brown excels is in her characterization, she creates various plots and scenes where nobody looks innocent, the motives of everybody is questioned until the end where the reader gets to know the suspense and then wonders back how the hell did they miss those clues.

This is what makes Sandra Brown stand out from the crowd of writers writing mystery, suspense, romance thrillers. The ability to draw the reader into the conclusions that she wants them to draw and then spring a surprise on her.

Sandra Brown scores consistently high in the thriller genre due to this. Hence the 4 star rating even though the book is formulaic.

Verdict: The plot twists will keep you engaged. Give it a whirl.

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