Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Review:: Speaking in Bones by Kathy Reichs

Speaking in Bones (Temperance Brennan, #18)Speaking in Bones by Kathy Reichs
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was the first book that I read by Kathy Reichs. I started off the series Bones on Netflix first and I had picked this book up from my local library on a lark. Being the slow starter that I am it took me sometime watching the initial episodes of the Bones and looking at the producer name to place any connection between the author and the show and the book. Talk about being dumb.

Reading through this one while watching the series in parallel, I have realized that there is a world of difference between the two and mostly people will prefer either the show or the book. I prefer the show, only due to the fact that I start it first and am more in sync with the characters in the show that those in the book. The thought while reading the book was how would Hodgins have faired here, or Angela or Sweets for that matter. I even missed Booth in the book.

The major difference between the show and book is that the book is the poorer cousin, the setting is definitely real life as there are no high tech lab or interns available and Dr. Brennan has to definitely do her work on her own without relying on other colleagues other than Larabee.

The books do move at a different pace than the show and the author has made every effort to the reader to understand the field of forensic anthropology. The murder mystery of the missing bones found at the start unravels at a moderate pace and the setting and the socio-cultural settings are established every effectively.

I would definitely like to come back to the series as a whole once the show goes off air so that I can put the show out of my head and then do justice to the book as a separate entity in itself. Right now they are too closely tied together in my head to make the differentiation for now.


  1. Excellent commentary on the differences between the show and the books, Gopal. Wish more reviewers would do that, say for series like Isles and Rizzoli, etc.

    1. It was constantly running through my mind while I was reading the book. What would the show have done, how would the characters have approached this and I found myself missing them. Hence I decided to just finish this book and put the series on the back burner. Right now I am too much into the show to do justice to the books.

      The reviews that I have read for Reichs's books are definitely noteworthy and I would like to do justice to them without bias.

  2. The,early books in the series are better.

    1. Yea I would agree with you on that point, but as I said, too much in the show right now that I cannot think outside of it while reading the books.