Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Enemy by Tom Wood

The Enemy (Victor the Assassin, #2)The Enemy by Tom  Wood
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Hunter was Tom Woods debut and what a debut it was. Wood gave us Victor - an anti-hero, an assassin. One of the best in the business, Victor has changed his name and face so many times that he no longer remembers how he looks like originally. The man who keeps extremely low profile but has a 100% success rate. The Hunter left us with Victor exposed for the first time and to the CIA nonetheless.

Roland Procter recruits or rather strong arms Victor to work for him and he keeps Victor on a very short leash. Victor used to working alone and not trusting anybody chaffs under the new restrictions placed on him by Proctor but knows that until the situation resolves itself he has no choice but to do as said.

Victor is used to take out underlings of two rival arms suppliers in the hopes of triggering a arms wars between the two leaving the CIA to do the mop up in the aftermath, but plots within the plots comes dangerously close to exposing Victor, even putting him the cross-hairs of assassination himself as a hit team is sent out to take him out while on an assignment.

When compromised Victor does what he does the best, make the best of the situation and find his way out of the mess.

Victor continues to find himself into impossible situations, courtesy his new CIA employer. With tremendous amount of situational awareness and his ability to take insane amounts of hurt and still be capable Victor manages to turn a hopeless situation to his advantage.

The Enemy is a fitting followup to The Hunter. It also leaves us with a amazing and tantalizing chess game between Victor and his CIA handler. Tom Wood is an amazing new find and one to look out for.

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