Tuesday, August 3, 2010

James Rollins - A Riveting story teller

Recently I have been reading through the books of James Rollins, since I was introduced to the Matt Reilly as a author first it was quite normal that I would compare the writing style between two people who write fast-paced adventure thrillers.

But that is where the comparison starts and ends, with Matt Reilly the readers have come to expect larger than life armageddon type stories which always have the minnows scoring over the larger opponents, be it Shane Schofield perfomoring impossible feats that defy physics or Jack West Jr. taking on every known force in the world single-handedly and coming on top.

On the contrary the characters in James Rollins series the Sigma Force come across as people who have fought and lived to tell tale of it. Exploring the field of varied sciences without hitching occult or mystery civilizations with it, James Rollins weaves a tale of believeable stories that have just the right mix of science, adventure, suspense and action to hold the story together.

The stories move at the frenetic pace, with the bad guys outnumbering the good guys, but the good guys still managing to pull through by the skin of their teeth.

The Sigma Force series calls a reader to it's pages with the concept of Scientists who can kill.

The other standalone books in the series are also very well written with the characters going through every gamut of emotions, be it the archeologist in Excavation or the botanist in Amazonia, the exploration, concept and action is very believeable.

A riveting story tell who is at the pinnacle of his game putting the reader through every emotion possible while taking them on a roaller coaster ride through time.